Need a suggestion on how to send email from template as user

Hey folks,

I’m rather new to AppSheets (started this morning) but I’ve been able to get quite far on my own. My goal is the following:

I want to create an email (or better yet an email draft) to send out to a customer. This email will be created from a Google Doc template using both variables in one of my tables and variables from my user settings. I was able to achieve most of this using a workflow until I got to the final piece of the puzzle, is it possible to send as the user’s email instead of

I notice there is no ability to add an email template to an action and I haven’t seen anywhere to put my permission to send emails on my behalf. This might be a feature ask, but I’m so new, I thought I would gauge the audience first.




That’s exactly the straightforward answer I was looking for @LeventK :wink:

For those that will inevitably run into this same problem, I believe my next step is to create an interaction trigger with Google App Script that fires the same Google Doc template (albeit with a different templating syntax) whenever AppSheets updates a certain row. If anyone has a better idea, I would love to know. Thanks

If you want to send the email from your own account, rather than AppSheet default account, them GmailApp or MailApp classes are the only solution unfortunately.

Yup sounds good. Would be an AMAZING feature to include on the roadmap because too often “noreply” emails don’t make it into user’s inboxes as they tend to be marked as promotions. Totally understand that workflow is intended for employee-focused updates, but it has so much power for marketing automation. Thanks again for the updates. Glad to be joining this community.

You’re welcome. Provided you are interested, I will personally be starting free Google Apps Script webinars in February. If you think to join, please see this post for registration:


Just signed up. Thanks for letting me know.

I just came across this article on the free webinar. I’m in the process of making an app which may be integrated with apps script. Is there a recorded version of this tutorial available on YouTube or any other platform? Appreciate if you can help me access it. Thanks in advance

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