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For some days I have seen an advanced search tool on the ios app.

where we can set from date and to date, as well as other searchable columns.

but somewhere in the customer field I can not see a list of customer in that tools or search option it’s only saw me box with " not set",

what to do for enable.

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Feature is still preview, not a final product. There should be more of improvemenet will come.

For the selection for searching, as far as I tested, we are able to see the list when we have ENUM type field. But the option values need to be hard coded as value. We have option to generate the option list of enum entry through the expression inside VALID IF / Suggested Value, but those are not respected for the advance search function at the moment.
If you hold all the options value for enum selection as values (hard coded) they it should come up.



@tsuji_koichi @Arthur_Rallu
first of all, i really thank you for your reply.

if i understand then i would like to say that

as saw the customer column contains the hard value of the enum list. so it should be work. there is no valid if and suggested value in that column.

Currently, the advance search for enumlist type column is not supported.


If this feature is enabled for an account, could you share where I might find this? Or is it just automatically enabled?

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Hi @Markus_Malessa
The feature is in the Preview Program (check for details here, especially on how to enable the features that are in that Preview Program).



Issues and limitations for that feature have been reported by app creators here. We’ll post progress there until the feature is out of the Preview Program.


it’s my mistake it’s only an enum type column.

so I will wait to see other progress after fully developed.

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