New Bug Encountered: Action condition suddenly not working

Ours appear to be fixed as well! Thanks.

Agree with John here. I was moments from presenting the newest changes with a client and thank goodness they had to reschedule :slight_smile: A heads up would be outstanding.

When a new platform update is released the app learns of it on the next sync, but the update is not actually applied until the next time the app is launched from a fully closed state (not just going to the homescreen and back, but actually closing the running app and restarting it).

This issue emphasized how lack of visibility of which platform version is running or when an update is available makes things confusing for you and your users when seeing inconsistent behavior, confusing for us when trying to troubleshoot issues, and hard to know whether bug fixes were effective or have been received by end users. So we’re going to try to address this. Initially that will involve

  1. Adding more logging and analytics around this so we have better visibility of build version problems that need attention and can recognize these situations when doing customer support.
  2. Reintroducing a menu option to update the app when a new version is available, so users can tell whether they’re running an old version and have a simple way to know they’ve received bug fixes.

Thanks @Adam! By the way, I’m pretty sure that on my Android phone, fully closing that app and restarting it wasn’t enough. For some reason, it was necessary to uninstall and then reinstall it. Perhaps not all phones work in the same way in this regard.

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@Kirk_Masden Thanks for emphasizing that, we are investigating now whether there’s an additional problem with Android not detecting when updates are available.


Hi All, i have sorted my issue and sorry if this added confusion.

apparently one column which i intended to hide (with formula of NOW()) is automatically filling the values even it is hidden in the form.

i have modified the action behavior and put more restraining condition,

i am very glad and have more confident and spending time in appsheet after i am gradually seeing the powerful usefulness of it.

much thanks.


Yes, columns that are part of the datasource, even when hidden, will continue to run the Initial Value and App Formulas. Sometimes this is what you want, for example when using the UNIQUEID() function to assign a key value to a record. End users don’t really care about this value so shy show it but the key still needs to be assigned.

If there are data values you DO NOT wish to “participate” in the record activity, then the best solution is to create a Slice that does not contain such columns and use that Slice in your View.

Columns not included in Slice will NOT execute the Initial Value and App Formula expressions. They will remain blank if it is a new record creation OR will retain the previous value if in the case of an existing record.