Notifications from Appsheet Events

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to get push notifications when a new entry is added on Google Sheet. I’ve followed the steps of turning on Appsheet Events Add-on from my Google Sheet, and then adding a Bot that run the task when an event is made. Everything seems fine, but still cannot get notifications. The test shows everything correctly. Any idea of what can be? Cheers.

I’m having the same issue and am awaiting a response from the Google help desk.

Is your app deployed?

Yes it’s deployed. Seems to be that Google Sheets does not recognise an external entry. My data is added into Google Sheet from an external software. If I add manually it’s all fine. If the entry comes automatically from an external software, Google Sheet does not detect it as an entry. Not sure what I can do about this?

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I’m pretty sure the external-eventing add-on only detects changes made manually to the worksheet (i.e., by a person editing the spreadsheet); I believe it does not respond to changes made by other (non-AppSheet) automated processes.

@Dan_Bahir, can you confirm? And perhaps point to the help doc that clarifies this?

EDIT: My impression was correct:

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Yes Steve, you are correct.