On-screen size of LongText field on form recently changed? (Smaller)

One particular form in my app contains little more than a multi-line field for editing a LongText value. My app’s primary user started complaining to me a couple weeks ago that this field had shrunk in size, that it was previously taller and she could see more of the content while editing. She uses the app in a desktop environment. I can see that currently this field only uses about half the available vertical space when I view in similar environment using Chrome, however I’m not a regular user of the app so I can’t compare with what it looked like previously. I know there were no changes made on my end prior to this user complaint.

Any recent changes in AppSheet that might explain this? Anything I can do about it? Less height for this field would understandably hinder ease of editing its contents.

Probably. The UI changes frequently without notice.


Perhaps a member of the UI team would care to comment? @morgan @macastan


Hi @matty2112, those changes you mention are most likely related to the Form refresh which is rolling out now. This is part of the App UI changes we’ve been making for the past months. If this is causing any usability issue or is blocking your users, please contact support@appsheet.com with screenshots so we can further investigate :slight_smile:


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Thank you, @macastan. Email sent.

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