Push notification when spreadsheet updates

I am developing an app to follow a gamification of students in a technical course. They answer the tasks in google forms, the result is sent to a spreadsheet that is linked with an app in the appsheet.
My only problem is that I need to notify when a new row is added to the table (consequently in the app) for a user via the appsheet. Apparently, only updates, insertions and deletes made by the appsheet are recognized as triggers in the workflow. sorry for the english and thanks if you can answer as soon as possible!

You may want to check this out to see if it meets your needs.

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Did you try using usermail() in the email of the users then it will work and should be a per_user() app for the notifications to work.

AppSheet can only respond to spreadsheet changes made through the app. Changes made to the spreadsheet directly will not trigger workflows.