Re-use main Detail view with multiple slices

It is a fairly common scenario to make a dashboard view that includes sub-views of various slices of the same table. A common case is lists of ToDo items; all ToDos, ToDos assigned to the current user, ToDos that need assigned, etc.

In these cases you may want to always use the same Detail view that you edited for the main table, especially if you made a lot of customizations in that Detail view (header columns, quick edit, column order…). This would be instead of defining a Detail view for each individual slice.

To do so, first make an Action for the main table:

App: go to another view within this app
LINKTOROW([key column] , “main detail view name”
Appearance: Do Not Display

Then for each table/deck sub-view for each slice change the Behavior->Event Actions->Row Selected from “Auto” to your newly created action.


Hi Thank you

That make sense. I hadn’t thought of that.


Thanks for the tips. I have tried this, then all swipe actions (left & right) do not belong to its slice filter anymore. It is skipping along rows of the main table.

May be this is a trade off.


Yah I suppose that would be the case. I thought there was a Feature Request post to expand the CONTEXT() expression to use a parent’s context, which could help in this case. I cannot find such a post right now though.

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I don’t know if we can use LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW for this. Another thing is that if we use this trick we still can not delete all default detail views that belong to their slices. And yes, it a tedious job to customize each individual detail view. AppSheet is not object-oriented.