Release notes: April 7, 2021

Deployment Time: 06:40 PM PST

Features & Enhancements

Item Description
Feature An indicator was added to automation entities that displays the number of references to them. Clicking on the indicator shows a dialog with links to the referencing entities.
Feature The AppSheet logo has been updated to say Enterprise Standard or Enterprise Plus for those product versions.
Feature Authentication Groups do not require a domain.

Authentication groups, in Security/Domain Authentication, can now be added without choosing an authentication domain. This means that groups from multiple domains can be chosen, and also that groups can be used without requiring all users to be part of a single domain.

Feature You can now resize columns in the Table view. Deployed to 100% of free users.

Bug Fixes

Item Description
Bug An issue was fixed for a lag when navigating to or from dashboard views. Deployed to all.
Bug An issue was fixed where the column name was shown even if a display name was given. Now, the display name, if given, is shown. Deployed to all.
Bug An issue was fixed where the filtering icon was available in the search bar in a dashboard. This icon should not appear in that context and was removed. Deployed to all.

Rollout changes

Item Rollout status
Editor UX improvements New: Deployed to all.

Previous: 100% of free users and 60% of paid users.

Use words to create slice filter expressions. For details, see Use words to create expressions. New: 100% of free users.

Previous: 60% of free users

Authentication Groups do not require a domain. New: 100% of free users and 10% of paid users.

Previous: 50% of free users.

Preview announcements

The AppSheet Preview program lets app creators try out new app features that are not yet fully supported. Learn how to participate in the AppSheet preview program for app client features.

  • Support was added for filtering by ref types.
  • Display names are now shown in filters when specified.
  • The filtering icon was removed from the search bar in a dashboard.
  • New Chart users are now able to hide the title for their charts. There is now a button in the configuration header that lets users turn on/off the title of their chart. This is useful in cases where there may be multiple charts on the same page.

What's currently available in the Preview program?

Item Description
Feature Chart Editor

App Creators can now make use of our new chart editor and the new and improved charts it can create. Learn more.

Feature Filters in AppSheet applications

App users can now filter items from a collection of records using their different attributes.

The feature is available both on mobile devices and desktop computers. Learn more.

Feature Resizing column width in table views

App users can now resize the width of columns in any table view. Simply click and drag the separator between column headers.


Could you elabrate bit more and deeper, screenshot will defintely help to understand what you mention here, otherwise not sure what this is.


Enterprise Standard / Plus is now officially released ? Could you share the announcement or plan pages so that we see the details?

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I sniff this might bring a material changes to us in temrs of registering users, but could you elabrate bit more and deeper? Screenshot for each steps to set ups would really help.


I’d also like to see any documentation around this update.

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Can you show an example of this - I’m not using automation ATM

Also, I’m guessing this doesn’t work for Actions?

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Is this dfferent to what we get if we enable Preview Program?