Use predefined appsheet icons for thumbnails

Hello everyone,
I would like to use thumbnails to identify different categories of data.
But the categories could be many and I don’t know where to find all the possible images / icons.
is it possible to use default appsheet icons in thumbnails?

For example, the user enters data and has to choose the image for that data category. It would be nice if he could choose from dozens or hundreds of icons and the appsheet icons would be perfect.
How can it be done?

Nope. :frowning:

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Well, there wasn’t a way a few hours ago. :smiley:


Great, I’ll try to use it for my purpose, but it looks exactly what I wanted.
I just didn’t understand the usefulness of the SVG_white column.

Yeah, still working on that. I want to figure out a way to change the color, without having to store the entire SVG file. I know I can do it if I store the file, but I’d like it to work as just a virtual column.

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