White-Labeling Database

Would Google Sheets limit the apps production speed, if there’s a lot of data being input to the google sheets? If I find it is… What would you recommend as a next step for the database?

What is “production speed”?

What is “a lot of data”?

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By “production speed” I meant would there be any reason the app would be slowed from using Google Sheets as opposed to something else.

I don’t have numbers as far as a lot of data… But if I sell it to multiple people there could be any amount of data input.

So, sync speed. Yes, a cloud database such as SQL will be faster on sync than GSheets. Especially if you use Security Filters.

Sync speed highly depends on a well setup app, as well as the amount of data. If you’re using lots of expensive virtual columns, it’s going to be slow no matter what backend you use. Search the community with the terms “sync” “speed” “performance”, etc, for more info. Like this post: