Deck & Card view with Nested table column - Bug summary

Since about 1.5 years there have been reported several bugs about Deck View with Nested table column.
I want to summarize them here.
AppSheet Team: Please tell us frankly, if you will fix them, or if we should avoid using Nested table column.
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Not working in Dashboard

Not able to set the number of Max. nested rows

Table view no consistent column widths

Clicking on a Child row will open the Parent

Large white space gap between Deck View items


FYI, these same concerns apply to the Card View as well. In the Card View you are allowed to insert inline tables where images can be placed. The inline tables here suffer the same issues described above for Deck Views.

It would be very useful flexibility if the inline tables were fully supported!!


@Fabian Thanks for this. I will inform about this internally.


@Fabian just wanted to let you know this has been raised internally. We’ll get you and answer


@Aleksi @Fabian

No pressure but…HURRY IT UP! :grinning:

It’s been another 5 months now and I’ve avoided several instances where embedded Inline tables in Deck and/or Card views would have been a great fit. In fact, I recently implemented such a view thinking that some of these issues had been addressed.

I found out today, based on a message from the client that the column width problem is NOT addressed and now I have to scramble to find an alternative approach.

Could Appsheet please spend some time addressing the issues outlined above? The most prominent problems seem like they wouldn’t be too difficult to correct.

Column Widths not honored in data rows resulting in skewed columns


@WillowMobileSystems, would you please email this to and tag me with it, thanks.


Hi @JCadence do you have any update on this?

@Fabian I do not. Any updates would have been posted in the feature release notes category. Feature Release Notes - AppSheet Creator Community

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