Requesting a comprehensive review of localization issues

I have a specific request regarding localization that I will describe below. Before that, however, I would like to point out that there have been many requests for small improvements in localization. Some of these requests have been answered (thanks!) but many remain unaddressed. I think that AppSheet may tend to look at the number of votes for localization requests and get the impression that because the number for individual types of localization are small, not many creators need these changes. That, of course, is a problematic assumption because we only have a limited number of votes. Also, as the AppSheet platform because increasingly international, I think it should be clear that the need for improved, more comprehensive localization will continue to grow.

My proposal to colleagues such as @Fabian , @Steve_Fuller , @tsuji_koichi and others who have expressed an interest in improved localization is to unite and form a “localization” union! I’m half kidding but half serious. I think that if we make separate, individual requests for incremental improvements in localization, it’s going to take a very long time to get major improvements. If, however, everyone who is interested in making multilingual apps or apps that adjust easily to the location of linguistic choice of the user can come together behind one request (this one?) we have a better chance of getting AppSheet’s attention. If you agree and you think this request that I’m making is OK for that purpose, please vote for this and ask your multilingual friends to vote too.

Now, here are some examples of other related requests that have been made:

And here’s the specific issue I noticed today:

We are able to localize (choose the language for) “About” in the side menu. However, we are not able to use expressions to make adjustments to Info → Properties → Information for App Users, which controls what will be shown when the user taps on “About.”

UX → Localize, however, does allow such expressions. Please make it possible for us to use expessions in Information fo App Users in the same way. I have two reasons for requesting this. One is that my app is bilingual and I would like to choose the language according to the setting. The other is that I want the “About” menu to direct the user to another part of that app, but the location can be changed using settings I have made for the user so I want to be able to make the message adjust automatically using and expression.


Larga vida to the localization union ! It would be nice to have complete localization control for our apps, so our users don’t find half translated sections of it.

Also, i just had a funny idea

If they add a localization option for this screen couldn’t i just swap “No” for “Yes” and “Accept” for “No” just to mess with my users? just kidding, i don’t want to be fired hehe

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Thanks! It looks like we are a union of two at the moment. :wink: Hoping for more joiners. :slight_smile:

I think I saw something about ACCEPT when I was looking through previous localization requests but I may be mistaken. At any rate, AppSheet is becoming more and more flexible over time. I just hope lots of the localization variety of flexibility keeps increasing.

By the way, I think that “localization” should be an important keyword in this community but a search for “localization” also pulls up posts with “local.” I wish we had a way to limit searches within this forum to exact matches but, unfortunately, I don’t this we have that capability yet.

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Still waiting for this:


Thanks @Fabian ! I’m slightly concerned about the emphasis on the localization tab, @praveen. As I wrote above, the issue that prompted me to post was “Info → Properties → Information for App Users” which displays information in the about menu. We can write in any language we want here, but just one language – no conditional expressions. So, one app can’t be truly multilingual.

Actually, this “About” spot in apps functions like a detail view in our apps. If we could be given a way to override the default “About” and make our own view to replace it that would solve the problem.

Another problem with “About” is that it is not at all WYSIWYG. This is another respect in which I think that the “Information for App Users” may need some redesign.

One more point: The “Information for App Users” assumes that additional documentation will be put on the web. I, however, have been all of my documentation into my app. Lack of expression functionality in Info → Properties → Information for App Users makes it impossible for me to use an action or link to direct users to the in-app documentation.

Here’s the “About” documentation:

There doesn’t seem to be away to replace it – just modify the wording in the various categories.

@Fabian wait no longer :]. You can also disable or enable the user consent dialog entirely.


Hi @praveen ! Thanks for your response.

I just found your explanation about how to disable the consent dialog:

Also, I searched in AppSheet documentation for “properties” but couldn’t find an overall explanation of the various “properties” options:

Screen Shot 2021-03-20 at 12.31.48

I’m having trouble figuring out what will be displayed where. Is there a comprehensive guide to the various categories of text (where each will be displayed, etc.)?


Should be this one, Kirk.


Thanks! I found it after I saw Praveen’s comment on the “Announcements” post. :slight_smile:


Hi @Kirk_Masden Please see here:

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Thanks! I think you are referring to this explanation:

I agree that it’s useful. I also figured that out through trial and error. (I should have looked at your post first :wink: )

In addition, I can say share that “Purpose” and “Design Details” (under “App Documentation”) will not be displayed inside the app.

They are displayed in the page created for the app as a sample (the first paragraph is “Purpose” and “Design Details” is displayed in “How we built this app”):

It would be nice to have comprehensive documentation about where such text is displayed.

Finally, in regard to how to access the dedicated web page for a single app that you have made public, I got this good explanation from @tsuji_koichi :

If you have a portfolio page with sample apps, and are logged in with the same account you used to make the apps, clicking on the sample apps will take you to the editing interface, not the dedicated page for that app. In order to access the page (to check, for example, that it looks OK), you need to follow Koichi’s advice.

I hope this too can be documented properly. I’ve been using AppSheet for over four years and I only just found out about this. Some aspects of this no code platform are surprisingly difficult to figure out.


Some other things we cannot translate:

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